Exclusive Netherlands distributionExclusive Benelux distribution

Brand Description Dealer Import
MiyazawaFlutesdealer overzichtBenelux
Musical BAGSCasesdealer overzicht
BeaumontStraps, swabs & accessoriesdealer overzichtBenelux
Slide-O-MixOils and greaseBenelux
MAX CasesCases and gig bagsdealer overzichtBenelux
Sshh MutesPractice Mutesdealer overzichtBenelux
Vandoren ParisReeds, mouthpieces, ligatures and accessoriesBenelux
BG FranceLigatures, straps, swabs & accessoriesdealer overzichtBenelux
ProtecCases and gig bagsdealer overzichtBenelux
RovnerLigatures and accessoriesdealer overzichtBenelux
Legere ReedsSynthetic Reedsdealer overzichtBenelux
Trevor JamesFlutes, saxophones and Renaissance Brassdealer overzichtBenelux
K&MMusic stands, instrument stands and accessories
HetmanLubricantsdealer overzicht
Wallace MutesMutes for Brass instrumentsdealer overzichtBenelux
GetzenTrumpets, cornets, flugelhorns & trombonesdealer overzichtBenelux
SD SystemsMicrophone systemsdealer overzichtBenelux
LebayleMouthpiecesdealer overzichtBenelux
HWPCare productsdealer overzichtBenelux
KooimanErgonomic thumb rests
RekaCare products
RiedlLyres and lyre holders
Otto LinkMouthpieces
HelinCare products and swabs
PisoniRepair materials for wind instruments
CordierReed cutters
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